The Wild is Calling Us…

To reclaim our erotic life force,
Embody our power &
Let pleasure guide our journey home.

Do you hear the call?

New Culture MiniCamp

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This October 2-5th, join New Culture Northwest and the Windward Community, for a long weekend of community building, personal growth, and creating a new culture together in the forests of Cascadia. New Culture... READ MORE

I Will Be a Companion for the Earth

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“It is time for us to take off our masks, to step out from behind our personas — whatever they might be: educators, activists, biologists, geologists, writers, farmers, ranchers, and bureaucrats — and... READ MORE

The Village Helix 2014

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This Labor Day weekend, August 29th-September 1st 2014, we will be hosting the Village Helix- my intentional community’s open house event. It’s a family friendly weekend of workshops that focuses on the art... READ MORE

Towards a Definition of Sex

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Sex is both intimate and universal. We have all come into this world through sex. Sex is what enables most of the life on this planet – from trees and grasses to deer... READ MORE

Erotic Energy as Life Energy

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Sex has the power to touch us at our core, at our most basic sense of self, our life energy. Philosopher Sam Keen eloquently explains in The Passionate Life that eros is the motivating... READ MORE

Love as a Renewable Energy for Earth and Tribe

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Within the context of supportive, loving, self-reliant community, erotic energy – including love, sex and intimacy – becomes a renewable energy that can circulate within a tribe of lovers. The back and forth exchange,... READ MORE