The Wild is Calling Us…

To reclaim our erotic life force,
Embody our power &
Let pleasure guide our journey home.

Do you hear the call?

The Temple Between Us

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The fall rains have finally started. It has been too many days since it last rained here on this high plateau. Being the end of September and still no clouds drifting in the... READ MORE

Rising Appalachia – Portland

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Thursday, September 18th 9pm Star Theater, Portland OR I’ve been invited to attend Rising Appalachia‘s Portland concert to share information about Windward‘s efforts to create a home-grown solution to the energy-wars and on-going... READ MORE

Building Relationships with Plants and People

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Friday, September 19th from 5-7:30pm Ujima Center, 2003 N.E. Holman St. Portland, OR Suggested donation: $5-$20 RSVP on facebook! Join Lindsay Hagamen and Andrew Schreiber, permaculture practitioners and Stewards of the Windward Community,... READ MORE

Sex Geek Summer Camp

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In early August, I packed by bags, loaded up my small pick-up truck and drove into the Portland airport. Destination – West Virginia. I was going to summer camp. For sex geeks. Yes,... READ MORE

Polyamory and A Sustainable Life

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I was recently asked by a young woman who is thinking about interning at Windward, the intentional community in which I live, why I thought polyamory played an important role in creating a... READ MORE